Several weeks ago we received a call from a gentleman at the Gillette manufacturing plant in Andover, MA regarding a small, but rather unique project. They wanted us to paint a wall outside of their cafeteria using a magnetic paint called, “Magic Wall.” Of course, it peaked our interest and we agreed to review the project.

Magic Wall, manufactured by Kling Magnetics, is a system created for transforming your existing wall into a magnetic receptive surface. It is pre-mixed, lead free, waterbased latex primer, and can be top coated with the color of your color. It is made “magnetic receptive” by mixing fine non-rusting iron particles into the waterbased latex primer.

The process for applying this magnetic paint is like most of paints. You can use a roller to roll it onto the wall. It required three (3) coats, applied once per day to allow for a 24 hour dry time. Then you can follow up with a standard primer, and your two (2) coats of standard paint. Once you have completed the application process, you are ready to use the wall.

In the picture above, you will see that we put a magnetic on the wall. This was after the third coat of Magic Wall had been applied. The facility chose to use an off white color.

For more information on Magic Wall, you can visit Kling Magnetic's website: