Because of our long standing relationship with Saint Anselm College, located in Manchester, New Hampshire, the facility manager for a local Catholic academy, Saint Benedict Academy, decided to reach out for an estimate to paint some of their corridors, stairwells, and bathrooms during the school’s summer break.

The academy, located on Manchester’s west side, has a fascinating history. It was founded by a group of Catholic monks who first founded Saint Raphael’s Parish, and that next year, interestingly enough opened Saint Anselm College and Saint Benedict Academy at the same time. Saint Anselm has been a long time customer of ours. This particular building that we are working in was built in the 1960’s in order to meet the needs of the growing parish and school. It was also the desire of the parish to modernize their facilities. It includes numerous classrooms, and is complete with a library, cafeteria, and a gymnasium.

Unlike most of our standard projects, the walls in the corridors are not drywall. They are made of concrete block. The process for preparation is to spot prime and stain kill where necessary, then we would apply two (2) coats of a semi-gloss latex paint - color is to match the current color on the walls. There is some repair work that needs to be completed prior to paint the ceilings, but again, the process is similar in preparation and application. 

Pictures of the hallways to be posted once complete.