The Villages at Granite Hill - Hooksett, NH

Each year, Cornerstone is tasked with freshening up the look and feel of several complexes with the Villages at Granite Hill, which is overseen by a property management company called Cedar Management located nearby. This year Cornerstone was awarded buildings in Devon, Tweed, and Windsor. Each of which is a different style of complex.

The process for completing these units is to pressure wash to remove mold and mildew, prep involves scraping any loose and peeling paint, spot priming, and caulking where necessary. Then our painters will bag off all of the openings and spray on the body paint. Once that is complete, they can go back and paint the trim and sash, and stain the outside decks.


Unlike other complexes we did this summer, Devon consists of two unit cape style townhouses - each of which are similar in nature - with a few exterior differences between some of the units. As you might be able to see from the pictures, there are two body colors - an upper and a lower, plus the trim and sash colors, and of course, each unit includes a front and back wood deck - while most of the units don't.


This building is one of several in Tweed, but it is the only building that isn't vying sided. You may not notice it, but the color on this building is vastly different than the other within the complex. As you can see, this is a four unit town house style building. There is only one color for the body and trim, but the doors do have their own distinct blue color. 


In Windsor we again see the three to four unit townhouse style buildings. They have a different color schene than the one in Tweed, but similar products are used to complete these products. Most every unit in Granite Hill has a back deck that is stained at the same time the building is freshened up.