Dartmouth Hitchcock Satellite - Merrimack, NH

Cornerstone is currently in the process of completing a project for one of our customers the Dartmouth Hitchcock Health System, through a local general contractor, Pidela Corp, who overseeing an overall renovation at this satellite facility. Our part in this renovation is essentially to change over from wallpaper to paint on their interior walls.

Changing from wallpaper to paint

Over the past few years we have seen a shift in the healthcare industry where facilities are increasingly changing out their wallpaper to painted walls. This changeover has to do with infection control in the healthcare environment - something our company has experience and training in as members of our staff and management team have attended and completed the Association of Healthcare Facility Engineer's training on Health Care Facility Management and Construction: Infection Prevention.

The process we take

Changing over from wallpaper to paint is a somewhat challenging process. When you remove the wallpaper the glue that was used during installation remains on the wall. Therefore it's necessary to seal in the glue using a clear bonding primer. We use a product called AllPrime, which is manufactured by Zinzer. This product is rolled on the walls just like you would roll on paint.

Once you have covered the walls with this product, you are ready to skim coat. Skim coating is essentially the process of applying a later of mud to a rough or damaged wall or ceiling to either smooth or repair it. In this case, this process is done (3) three times, or (3) three layers. 

After you have sanded the walls you are ready to prime and paint.

The before and after

This project is currently on-going. More pictures will be made available soon.