More than four thousand hours will be spent this summer painting at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, and it's Cornerstone's 10th season at the school. That means in the last ten years our company has spent anywhere from thirty to forty thousand hours on campus making it look great year to year.

This one is no different, and last week we sent our first group of painters to get started on various projects throughout the campus. In a few weeks we'll send more, and once we are full capacity we'll have 10-12 full time painters working to freshen up the campus. 

The projects at Saint Anselm College vary day to day, with a great deal of our time spent on dorm room re-paints. Other projects have included re-painting the campus cafeteria, various offices and classrooms, hallways and stairwells, the library, sports centers, the exteriors of multiple buildings on campus. 

As the season progresses and projects are completed on campus, we'll give you a first hand look at some of work that is done year to year to keep the campus looking fresh and new for the incoming students and the staff of Saint Anselm College. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs and pictures.