For more than a decade, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc has provided annual exterior painting services to Cedar Management, a local property management company that manages several condominium associations in the southern part of New Hampshire.

One of the larger condominium associations that Cedar Management currently manages is a community on Hooksett Road in Hooksett, New Hampshire. It’s called, “The Villages at Granite Hill”, or for short, just “Granite Hill.” This is where Cornerstone first started working for Cedar Management in the early 2000’s, and we’ve been helping them keep the exteriors at Granite Hill fresh ever since.

Granite Hill is compromised of a hundred or more buildings, which translates into somewhere between 350-400 total units. Within Granite Hill are sub communities. Oxford, Sussex, and Yorkshire are a few of the names of sub communities located in Granite Hill, and each of these communities are on a maintenance schedule. Every 4-6 years the exteriors are repaired and receive a fresh coat of paint.

The process for painting these buildings is no different than any other residential exterior project we complete. Each building and deck is pressure washed to remove mold and mildew and any loose or peeling paint. The body and trim are then prepped, and because our process is to spray instead of brush, all areas that are not going to be sprayed are covered with plastic. The body is then sprayed and once complete, the trim is painted, and the decks are stained.

For paint we use Sherwin Williams for the body and trim, and a Benjamin Moore product for the decks.