You Buy It, We Apply It!

We have the perfect solution! Cornerstone Painting introduces their brand new Rent-A-Painter program. That’s right, you can rent one of our qualified professional painters for a day! After 28 year in the business, Cornerstone is now renting their painters to tie up the loose ends that you may have around your home or office. You can rent a painter for a day or longer depending on the size and scope of the project.

Rent a Painter Pricing:

 This includes renting a professional painter for a day (7 hours) along with painting supplies (caulking, plastic, contractor tape, etc.) and equipment. You supply the paint!

We have multiple options to fit your project. Rent a painter for:

  • half a day (4 hours- $250),
  • a whole day (7 hours- $340),
  • Two (2) painters for a day (7 hours- $600).


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