Commercial Project: Saint Anselm Chimneys - Manchester, NH

In addition to providing the Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire with a team of painters for dorm re-paints and other miscellaneous small projects, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc is often contracted for larger, more unique projects throughout the year.

This morning, Cornerstone started one of these larger projects on campus. This particular project involves pressure washing and painting some (34) chimneys located on the roofs of a group of residential dormitory buildings on campus. These chimneys have lost their original color and have accumulated mold, mildew, and soot over the years. Saint Anselm would like us to restore the clean and fresh look they once had.

In order for us to gain access to the chimneys, an aerial lift owned and operated by Cornerstone is being utilized throughout the project, and procedures were implemented to ensure the safety of our painter and anyone else within the area.

The chimneys will be pressure washed over the next few days to remove mold, mildew, and any soot, which will prepare the surface for a fresh coat of paint, to be applied next week.

These pictures are from the initial pressure washing and priming stages. Stay tuned for completion pictures.



Exterior Painting: Villages at Granite Hill - Hooksett, NH

For more than a decade, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc has provided annual exterior painting services to Cedar Management, a local property management company that manages several condominium associations in the southern part of New Hampshire.

One of the larger condominium associations that Cedar Management currently manages is a community on Hooksett Road in Hooksett, New Hampshire. It’s called, “The Villages at Granite Hill”, or for short, just “Granite Hill.” This is where Cornerstone first started working for Cedar Management in the early 2000’s, and we’ve been helping them keep the exteriors at Granite Hill fresh ever since.

Granite Hill is compromised of a hundred or more buildings, which translates into somewhere between 350-400 total units. Within Granite Hill are sub communities. Oxford, Sussex, and Yorkshire are a few of the names of sub communities located in Granite Hill, and each of these communities are on a maintenance schedule. Every 4-6 years the exteriors are repaired and receive a fresh coat of paint.

The process for painting these buildings is no different than any other residential exterior project we complete. Each building and deck is pressure washed to remove mold and mildew and any loose or peeling paint. The body and trim are then prepped, and because our process is to spray instead of brush, all areas that are not going to be sprayed are covered with plastic. The body is then sprayed and once complete, the trim is painted, and the decks are stained.

For paint we use Sherwin Williams for the body and trim, and a Benjamin Moore product for the decks.



Commercial Painting: Saint Anselm College - Manchester, NH

More than four thousand hours will be spent this summer painting at Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire, and it's Cornerstone's 10th season at the school. That means in the last ten years our company has spent anywhere from thirty to forty thousand hours on campus making it look great year to year.

This one is no different, and last week we sent our first group of painters to get started on various projects throughout the campus. In a few weeks we'll send more, and once we are full capacity we'll have 10-12 full time painters working to freshen up the campus. 

The projects at Saint Anselm College vary day to day, with a great deal of our time spent on dorm room re-paints. Other projects have included re-painting the campus cafeteria, various offices and classrooms, hallways and stairwells, the library, sports centers, the exteriors of multiple buildings on campus. 

As the season progresses and projects are completed on campus, we'll give you a first hand look at some of work that is done year to year to keep the campus looking fresh and new for the incoming students and the staff of Saint Anselm College. Stay tuned for upcoming blogs and pictures.



Commercial Exterior Painting: Elliot Family Medicine Handrails - Bedford, NH

Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc. recently completed an exterior project for Elliot Family Medicine at Bedford Commons, an Elliot Hospital satellite office in Bedford, New Hampshire. 

Cornerstone was contacted to do this project after the facilities department was notified by the office manager that the hands of patients and staff had been turning white because the existing coating had become chalky in recent months.

The process was to wash down the upper rail which had the most hand traffic, wipe it down Wilbond, which is a product used for surface preparation, and then our painter applied two (2) coats of a white industrial "direct to metal" paint manufactured by Benjamin Moore.



Press Release: Cornerstone Awarded APC Top Job Award for 2015

Bethesda, Md.   Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc. was recently named by American Painting Contractor (APC) Magazine as the winner of the 2015 TOP JOB- New Hampshire award. TOP JOB honors a single painting company in a city for its superior work and commitment to excellence in the painting industry. As such, TOP JOB winners can lay claim to the title “Best Painter in Town.”

APC is the national magazine published for painting contractors, and the TOP JOB Awards are sponsored by top manufacturers such as Zinsser, Sherwin-Williams and Graco.

APC’s TOP JOB Awards is in its 18th year of recognizing painting contractors who go above and beyond for their clients and industry. The APC staff judges the entries and selects the winners based on craftsmanship, technique and creativity as well as the contractor’s ability to overcome challenges, communicate with clients and deliver an excellent finished product.

"Most awards are focused on the past. They reward you for what you've already done, and that's the end of it. But APC's TOP JOB delivers something new. Contractors who win a TOP JOB Award receive a marketing prize package designed to win them new business. That's why we say TOP JOB is the win that keeps on winning," said Andrew Dwyer, publisher of APC. "We make it easy for contractors to leverage their TOP JOB victory into a marketable asset that gives them a boost over their local competitors."

Upon learning that his company won the TOP JOB Award, Richard Rogers, owner of Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc. said, “It was an honor for us to complete this project for the Town of Warren, and also receive the recognition and award from the American Painting Contractor magazine. It’s not every day you have an opportunity to be part of something so special, so we consider it a privilege to have been involved.”

Each winner will be featured in a full-page article on their company and TOP JOB in the April issue and on released April 23­­­­, 2015.

About APC
American Painting Contractor is the #1 resource for painting contractors. For over 90 years, APC has been the source for information that helps contractors do more business and make more money. Covering application techniques, new products, business techniques and news, APC is the trusted tool of painting contractors across the nation. More information about the publication can be found on their site at

About Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc.
Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc., located in Hooksett, NH, has been in business for 30 years and specializes in commercial and residential painting. Find out more about Cornerstone Painting, visit



Commercial Painting - UPS Store - Manchester, NH

Every Thursday, we take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. We call it our #ThrowbackThursday. This particular exterior project was for Dead River Properties, owner of the building that the UPS Store in Manchester, NH is located in.

In the late fall of 2013, a property manager from Dead River Properties contacted our office to schedule an estimate for one of their properties in New Hampshire. Dead River Properties, with corporate office in Portland, ME, is the real estate division for Dead River Company, and own and manage commercial properties throughout New England. One of the properties they own and manage is the building at 497 Hooksett Road in Manchester, NH. UPS and Mr. Mac's Restaurant share the building.

As you can see in the picture located to the left, the UPS store was in desperate need of a face lift. The painted stucco was fading and the steel awning was peeling, and it really just needed some attention. Our company provided Dead River Properties with a quote, and in the summer of 2014 we started the project.

To prepare all the various surfaces for fresh paint, all loose and peeling paint was removed. The holes in the surface, as seen in the picture near the UPS Store signage, were repaired, and areas were caulked as necessary. 

Because of the nature of the stucco surface, our painter used a special roller that would allow the paint to penetrate it as he rolled. It took three coats of an exterior latex paint to cover the body, and two coats of the same paint for the trim.

The metal awning was a different story. For it, we used a rust inhibiting metal primer as a based, then applied a coat of an industrial strength paint to finish. You can see the difference between the two pictures.

Due to the size of the building, our painter used our 20' articulating lift to complete this project. It provided easy access to all areas around the building, as well as, saved time and money in completing this project.



Residential Painting - Home Innovations Corp - Chester, NH

Every Thursday, we take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. We call it our #ThrowbackThursday. This particular interior residential project was for Home Innovations Corporation, a design/build company now located in Epping, NH.

Home Innovations, owned and operated by Russ Collins, is a design/build general contractor. Their focus is on providing homeowners with a completed home remodeling and design build service. HIC (short for Home Innovations Corp) was awarded a new construction project in the Chester, NH area.

Normally, projects like this aren’t on our radar, as we mostly deal with maintenance painting projects for commercial customers. However, we had some availability and could tell that our relationship with HIC could be mutually beneficial in the future. We agreed to take a look at the project and provided a bid in the fall of 2013. Come spring of 2014 they were ready for paint.

The project included prepping, priming, and painting walls throughout the entire house. There were 15 different colors that were used, and all of the walls received two coats of Benjamin Moore’s Ultra Spec 500 Interior Paint. Also included was all the woodwork and doors, and Benjamin Moore’s Satin Impervo was used for all the woodwork, and all the ceilings were painted with Benjamin Moore’s Super Hide Flat White paint.

You can visit HIC’s website at

You can also learn more about the paint we used in this project.

Benjamin Moore Ultra Spec 500

Benjamin Moore Satin Impervo

Benjamin Moore Super Hide




Commercial Painting - Reliable Equipment Interior - Dover, NH

Every Thursday, we take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. We call it our #ThrowbackThursday. This particular exterior project was for Reliable Equipment at their new location in Dover, NH.

Reliable Equipment is a local independently owned construction equipment rental company with their main location in Manchester, NH. In 2013, the owner of Reliable contacted our company to provide them with an estimate for an interior project. Reliable was in the process of expanding their rental company to the Dover, NH area and had acquired a building on Mast Road in Dover. 

This particular project was unique. Not your standard interior project. It was an empty cement building that was in pretty rough shape. Most of the walls inside were stained or appeared to have smoke damage. The building had been previously used as a garage for a construction company to repair The ceiling had bar joists that were rusted and in dire need of attention. In order for us to get the walls to a point where they were ready for paint, we needed to stain kill areas to prevent any bleed through. We also applied a coat of a product called "block fill" to the bare concrete walls. Block Fill is a product used to latex primer that absorbs into the pores and provides a smooth surface. Once the walls were prepped and ready, we applied two coats of a satin gloss latex paint - light gray on the top half of the walls and a dark gray to the lower half. 

For the ceilings, the process required us to apply one coat of a rust inhibiting primer, followed by one coat of a product called "Dry Fall." Dry Fall is a product when sprayed on a ceiling dries rapidly before it has a chance to settle on equipment or even floors. In order to reach the ceiling to complete this process, we were able to use our 20' scissor lift to reach the bar joists and ceilings.

In the end, the building looks much better and was ready for the next phase in it's renovation. Here are some before and after pictures from this project. What a transformation.




Commercial Painting - Elliot Hospital Pharmacy - Manchester, NH

Every Thursday, we take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. We call it our #ThrowbackThursday. This particular interior project was at the soon to be opened Elliot Hospital Pharmacy at River's Edge on Queen City Ave in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Prior to opening this brand new location, the hospital pharmacy was located on the lower level of the hospital. It had been located there for years. It wasn't until recently that the hospital decided to renovate the building across from the new Elliot at River's Edge facility and move their entire pharmacy operation there. The plans called for a beautiful "store like" space much like you would see in a CVS or Walgreens. Because Cornerstone has become a go-to contractor for the facilities department, they contacted us to  provide an estimate for the project, and soon after awarded it to our company.

The steps we took for this project were to prep the walls and door frames throughout their space to ensure our surfaces was ready for paint. There were also areas with new drywall which required a coat a primer prior to paint. Once the surfaces were prepped and the new drywall was primed, our painters were ready to apply paint to the walls and door frames. We used a satin gloss latex paint from Benjamin Moore for the walls, and a semi gloss direct to metal paint for all the door frames. As you can see in the pictures the hospital decided on having a few accent walls as well.

Below is a before picture of the building and several after pictures.


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Residential Painting - Stained Woodwork to Paint - Manchester, NH

Cornerstone Painting Contractors recently completed an interior residential painting project in Manchester, NH that consisted of converting stained woodwork and doors to paint.  

Many homes built or remodeled in the 80's and early 90's had the woodwork and doors in their homes finished with a stain rather than paint. Popular colors used from Minwax were Provincial, Early American, Puritan Pine and Golden Oak. As the fad was coming to it fruition, the colors generally got lighter.  Stain has been out of fashion for many years now and people that built or purchased homes built in the 80's and 90's are changing over to paint. The advantage of paint, is that it is brighter and more cheery as well as opens up unlimited paint options for the woodwork as well as for the walls. 

The process for converting to stain is a little time consuming , because it requires multiple steps of prep, primer and finish coating. 

The steps required to do the job properly would be to first lightly sand the woodwork and doors with a 180 grit sandpaper as well as a sanding block to get into the concave and convex surfaces. This step is followed by wiping the woodwork and doors with a product called "Wilbond", which can be found at independent paint stores like Queen City Paint in Manchester.  This product is wiped on with a rag and its purpose is to soften the polyurethane in order for the primer to grip to the polyurethane. Gloves and a well ventilated area, possibly a respirator is required for this step because of the strong odor of this product. The next step is to apply a low odor oil base primer. There are latex primers that are formulated to grip to tough surfaces, but the most effective is still the oil base primer for maximum grip to the existing polyurethane. Once the woodwork and doors have been primed, all of the cracks and open miters in the trim become apparent and will need to be caulked as well as caulking the door and window frames into the walls. If there are any nail holes, puddy them at this time. Lightly sand again and now you are ready to start applying the finish coat. Normally two (2) coats of a latex semi-gloss paint is used for the finish although a different sheen can be used based on your desired results. A great paint that our company started using a short time ago is call "Advanced". This is a product developed by Benjamin Moore and it is a waterborne alkyd paint.  It applies like a latex paint but because it is oil modified, it lays out and dries to a finish similar to an oil base paint. The advantages of this product in comparison to an oil base paint, is that it has little odor, dries quickly, retains it color (non yellowing) and is water clean up. 

The customer was very pleased to see the stain color gone from her home and had a drapery company follow quickly behind us, so that she wasted no time starting to decorate her newly painted windows.

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Commercial Painting: Ali Baba - Manchester, NH

Every Thursday, we take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. We call it our #ThrowbackThursday. This particular exterior project was for a local contractor who had been awarded the renovation of a metal building that would soon become the Ali Baba Wholefood Store located on the west side of Manchester, New Hampshire.

When Cornerstone was contacted regarding the exterior painting of the building on 590 Second Street, the building looked vastly different. It had been previously owned by a Kawasaki dealer and had painted blue and white. The original color concept for the building was taken from a picture of a beautiful restaurant located in Florida somewhere. Not close enough to get an exact match, but Cornerstone was able to find the right color scheme that closely matched the vision of the owners of the building.

In late spring of 2013, our painters arrived on site and began to prep the building. First the building would need to be pressured washed to remove any dirt and mildew to ensure that we would have a proper painting surface. Then our painters inspected the surface to find any areas that may have had rust come through. If an area was found to have rust, we applied a coat of rust inhibiting primer to ensure it would not return. Then right before we started painting our final step was to protect any areas that were not to be painted, i.e windows, stairways, etc.

Once the surface was ready and areas not to be painted were protected, we were ready to start. For this project, we utilized our 32' articulating aerial lift we call JR. It would allow us to save time than if we were to use ladders. Our painters applied two coats of an exterior satin gloss latex paint provided by our local Benjamin Moore store.

Below is a before picture of the building and several after pictures.



Commercial Painting: Cupola - Newburyport, MA

Every Thursday, we want to take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. This particular project was for Anna Jaques Hospital, a long time customer of ours located in beautiful Newburyport, Massachusetts. In the fall of 2013, the facility director for the hospital contacted us regarding their rather unique exterior project. Our president, Richard Rogers, who is no stranger to unique projects agreed to take a look. It was to prep and paint a "cupola" and skylight (pictured below), which was located on a 200 year old building.

When most people think of a painting project they think of walls and trim, something simple, but our company does so much more beyond that. We often refer to ourselves as "not your typical painting company" because of all the unique projects we have done. This cupola and skylight was definitely a unique project with several challenges for us to overcome in order to complete it.


The first challenge we faced was that there really was no easy access to the area. The best path, as you can see in this picture, was a narrow walkway, which would make access difficult. But,solving these challenges and having the right equipment is what sets us apart from other painting companies. This is JR - a 32' articulating lift that is able to work in small spaces. It's one of three lifts that Cornerstone owns. After we put down plywood to project the walk way from damage, we were able to drive it right into this narrow area, which gave us the access we needed to complete this project.

Because this project required an aerial lift and safety is important to us, an aerial lift trained operated was assigned this project, and used all the appropriate protective equipment, which included harnesses and eye protection.

Our second challenge would be to find a way to protect the slate roof surface we would be working on. The solution? Egg crate foam. Yes, it sounds kind of funny, but it worked well. We were able to lay out the egg crate foam underneath our ladder and any other areas that needed protection while we worked.

Once these challenges were met, our painter was able to start on the prep for this project. Once the prep was completed, two different kinds of primer were applied to the surface. The first coat was a galvanized primer, and the second was a grey rust inhibiting primer to protect against any future rust.

This project took a total of 3 man days to complete.

To learn more about other hospital we provide these and other services to, visit our healthcare page.



Residential Painting: High End Condo - Portsmouth, NH

Arthur Thomas Properties of Dover, NH recently contacted Cornerstone Painting regarding a property they manage in downtown Portsmouth, NH. The property is a high end condo that was recently purchased by an out of state couple who are planning to retire in Portsmouth.

The previous owners had painted several accent walls and adjoining trim throughout the condo in a deep burgundy color, which had a beautiful look and feel, but was not to the taste of the new owners. The main bathroom in the condo, which was also a deep bluish gray color was also part of this project.

The first step to this project was to apply one coat of primer to the burgundy walls and trim, which would act as a base coat. Because the color is so deep, we were concerned that two coats paint would not cover. After the primer was applied, we painted the trim with two coats of a semi-gloss latex paint, and the walls were painted with two coats of a satin gloss latex paint. The owners decided to have the colors match the rest of the condo.



TSA Security Clearance - Manchester Airport

Several members of the Cornerstone Painting Contractors team recently re-completed the TSA (Transportation Security Administration) safety training program sponsored by the Manchester- Boston (MHT) Airport in Manchester, NH.

Cornerstone first completed this process when Cargex Properties, owner and management company of several buildings near the airport including the Ammon Center, which formerly was the airport terminal for Manchester, contacted them to bid on a painting project at one of their facilities. Cornerstone was awarded the bid and in turn completed the safety program and background checks.

In addition to completing the safety program, our staff underwent Federal Background Checks, which is also required for this process. Having the TSA badging gives our company a great amount of flexibility by enabling us to work in areas that we would otherwise need an escort. Both current and future clients can feel confident in hiring Cornerstone knowing that our company has already completed the necessary process to work in secured areas in and around the airport as their preferred commercial painting contractor.



Facility Maintenance Painting: The Gillette Company - Andover, MA

The Gillette Company, with a manufacturing plant located in Andover, Ma., recently upgraded their Warehouse Storage Rack system as well as reconfigured their floor pallet stacking locations. As a result, new indicator lines were needed to be installed on the floor as designation areas. Gillette contracted Cornerstone Painting Contractors, who has been working in the Andover Facility doing maintenance painting throughout the facility for the past 22 years.

The first step in this process was setting up orange cones and attaching yellow barricade tape, to secure the area from any foot or forklift traffic. This was followed by laying out the lines according to the drawings and check for squareness or irregularities that weren't picked up during the drawing process. Caulk lines were then snapped on the outside of the lines as an indicator guide. To paint the new lines on the concrete floors, the floors needed to be profiled first, in order for the paint to adhere effectively. This was done by grinding the floors. A small handheld concrete grinder attached to a HepiVac was used, enabling the floors to be ground, virtually dustless. Caulk lines were then snapped again and the paint applied. The coating used was a solvent based 2 part epoxy Safety Yellow. The lines are going to see alot of fork lift traffic, so a durable coating was required.

Because safety is of primary concern for our company and our customer, our employees utilitze the approapriate PPE (also known as Personal Protection Equipment) for this project. The PPE for the work completed at Gillette included, hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, steel toes, ear protection and rubber gloves.


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Commercial Painting: Maritime Program Group - Manchester, NH

Maritime Program Group, owners of the brick building that the ever popular Bridge Street Cafe is located in, recently awarded Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc. with the interior painting of their offices on the second floor. 

After locating our company on a web search and reviewing our website and services, Maritime decided to contact our company to set up an appointment for a site visit. The next day our estimator met with a representative from Maritime to review the scope of the project.

Maritime had purchased this building back in the mid 90's and had occupied a suite on the second floor. As the current tenants moved out, Maritime expanded their offices into the vacant space as it became available. As a result, there were varying colors and carpet schemes throughout the space, and had decided to update their look and feel, and make it look consistent throughout.

After meeting with several painting contractors from the area, Maritime decided to award the project to Cornerstone because of our quick response, professionalism, and flexibility. Because their space was occupied during normal working hours, Cornerstone was able to coordinate with the owners to do off hours work, so as to not interrupt their day to day operations.

Working in occupied spaces is very familiar to Cornerstone. We are able to break down the space as needed each night and put it back together at the end of the shift. When the office staff of Maritime return to work in the morning, the only thing they notice is a different color on the walls.

The scope of the work consisted of removing the existing cove base, which allowed us to paint closer to the bottom of the wall, in the event that there was a height different with the new cove base after it was installed. Doors and frames were previously painted with an oil based paint, but Cornerstone was able to use a new oil modified water based paint called Advanced, which we used for the doors and frames. This particular product has similar characteristics as oil, but without the high odor of oil, as well as a quicker dry time. The walls were patched and painted with two coats of satin gloss latex paint, which leaves a nice low sheen finish, as well as allows for wash ability.

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Project Highlight: Redstone Rocket

On the morning of June 3rd, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc. began working on one of the most unique projects in our history - the Redstone Rocket in located in the quaint town of Warren, New Hampshire. The rocket, which is the only one publically displayed in a town square, was in dire need of a attention, and our company was contracted by the Warren Town Selectboard and the Historical Society of Warren to provide it with a fresh coat of paint. 

History of the Redstone Rocket

In 1971, a gentleman by the name of Henry "Ted" Asselin, along with several friends and a flat bed truck drove from the Redstone Arsenal located in Alavama, to its current location of Warren, NH. Asselin had asked the army if he could have the rocket, to which the Army approved on the condition that Asselin would bear all responsibility for moving it. He did, and in April of 1971 the rocket arrived in Warren after making the 1,300 mile trip north.

This particular rocket is best known as a sister rocket to the one that sent New Hampshire's native son, Alan Shepherd, into space on May 5, 1961. Shepherd was the first American astronaut to orbit in space.

Process for Restoring the Redstone

The project entailed pressure washing to remove any loose and peeling paint, mechanically grinding to ensure a smooth painting substrate surface, priming and then painting then entire rocket. It was complete in time for the town's Old Home Days in July.

Media Attention

Several media outlets including the Union Leader of Manchester, New Hampshire, Journal Opinion of Bradford, Vermont, and the Record Enterprise expressed interest in the story of the restoration and were on hand for interviews and pictures at various times throughout the process. The project is also set to be featured in an upcoming issue of Coatings Pro magazine.



Community Service: Building on Hope

This summer, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc had the opportunity to join other companies in the Building on Hope project for Opportunity Networks in Amherst, New Hampshire. Several of our managers and staff personnel donated time to complete the exterior renovation of the Opportunity Networks office building. 

This was part of an annual service service project called, Building on Hope. It is a local organization that selects a worthy non-profit organization that is in need of some kind of renovation, and pulls together contractors from every industry who volunteer their time and resources to complete the project.

The organization that was selected for this year's Building on Hope campaign was Opportunity Networks, which is a local non-profit organization that provided services to individuals with disabilities.

Cornerstone's part in this project was to transform the Opportunity Network's front entry way. 

Here is a before and after of the front entry way.




Building Relationships


Whether working for facility managers, property managers, business owners, general contractors, or even homeowners, Cornerstone is focused on building relationships with our customers. We believe that is one of the keys to why our company has been successful, and why so many of our customers have been with us for all these years. Customers like Lawrence General Hospital, Holy Family Hospital, The Gillette Company, Cargex Properties, Cedar Management and others have called Cornerstone their painting contractor of choice for over 5, 10, 15, even 25 years.

Earning Trust: One Project at a Time

Why have these companies trusted us all these years? We believe it only takes one project. Just one project to show a new customer what our company is capable of, and that they can rely on our expertise in painting. But for us it is more than just our expertise; more than the exceptional services we provide. Our company success is directly tied to the solid relationships we have developed with our customers over time. We realize that with every project we complete for our customers we are earning their trust, and essentially laying the groundwork for a successful business relationship.

Committed to Developing Relationships

It takes time to nurture new business relationships. It doesn't happen after the first, or even after the second project we complete for our customers. But it is something we are committed to doing. It is how we proceed with every new prospective customer. Customers can always expect us to:

Meet to discuss your needs.

Keep you informed of progress.

Make adjustments along the way. 

Ensure your satisfaction on completion.

During each phase of the project, customers can expect us to be professional and always responsive during our interactions. If a customer has a concern regarding a project, you can rest assured that the concern will be addressed in a timely manner. Customers do not need to fear the stereotypes inherent with “painters” today.

There’s Nothing Wrong With Doing It Right

Important to our company and our mission is the idea that “there’s nothing wrong with doing it right”, and that statement is something that applies to all aspects of what we do and how we do it, including the development solid relationships with our customers. It may sound cliché, but it is not, and we believe as customers get to know us and our work, they will understand. We are a different kind of painting company; one that believes relationships matter.



Painting: Occupied Spaces


One of the more frequent questions we are asked by business owners and contractors is whether we have the ability to work in occupied spaces. In short, yes. We have come to realize over years of being in the painting industry that most business owners want a fresh, new look for their facilities, but cannot afford the down time in order to achieve it. Whether you need services during normal business or off hours, Cornerstone has become a specialist in this area and can limit the hassle renovation may be to your business.

Here are a few areas in which we can help.

Low VOC Levels

Avoiding the "That smell is giving me a headache" statement from your employees is a major concern for business owners and managers when contemplating a finish change. Because most businesses can't afford for their employees to leave early or even take a day off, Cornerstone uses a variety of "green" products. Companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have developed products that have what they refer to as a "low VOC" level, which enables us to work in your space without much odor at all. We frequently use these products within office environments to enhance their look without having to sacrifice employee work time during the day.

 Off Hour Staffing

Maybe you cannot afford to have painting contractors working in your space during the day. We know businesses need their employees to be focused and simply do not want the distraction of contractors working during the day. Distraction, and even lack of space, is one of the reasons why Cornerstone offers an off hours service. Places such as hospitals, clinics, fitness clubs, and outlet stores have one thing in common: each have high traffic and painting during the day is next to impossible. Having a painting contractor come in to paint on off hours means your space is returned to normal once the shift or project is complete. Your employees will never even know we were there leaving you a beautiful new place without all the hassles of cleaning up.


Whether you are concerned about odor, or even the distraction of a renovation, Cornerstone has specialized in occupied space services for many years. Having completed many finish renovations over the last twenty five years for customers in occupied space, Cornerstone continues to have a reputation for making these types of projects hassle, and worry free.