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The Villages at Granite Hill - Hooksett, NH

The Villages at Granite Hill - Hooksett, NH

Each year, Cornerstone is tasked with freshening up the look and feel of several complexes with the Villages at Granite Hill, which is overseen by a property management company called Cedar Management located nearby. This year Cornerstone was awarded buildings in Devon, Tweed, and Windsor. Each of which is a different style of complex.

The process for completing these units is to pressure wash to remove mold and mildew, prep involves scraping any loose and peeling paint, spot priming, and caulking where necessary. Then our painters will bag off all of the openings and spray on the body paint. Once that is complete, they can go back and paint the trim and sash, and stain the outside decks.


Unlike other complexes we did this summer, Devon consists of two unit cape style townhouses - each of which are similar in nature - with a few exterior differences between some of the units. As you might be able to see from the pictures, there are two body colors - an upper and a lower, plus the trim and sash colors, and of course, each unit includes a front and back wood deck - while most of the units don't.


This building is one of several in Tweed, but it is the only building that isn't vying sided. You may not notice it, but the color on this building is vastly different than the other within the complex. As you can see, this is a four unit town house style building. There is only one color for the body and trim, but the doors do have their own distinct blue color. 


In Windsor we again see the three to four unit townhouse style buildings. They have a different color schene than the one in Tweed, but similar products are used to complete these products. Most every unit in Granite Hill has a back deck that is stained at the same time the building is freshened up.



Commercial Project: St Ann's Home Mahogany - Methuen, MA

Commercial Project: St. Ann's Mahogany - Methuen, MA

St. Ann's Home and School, a local residential school for adolescents who suffer from emotional and/or behavioral challenges, has been a customer of Cornerstone's for almost 14 years. Recently, the head of their maintenance department called Cornerstone as they were interested in an estimate for sanding and re-coating the mahogany on one of their buildings. 

This isn't the first time Cornerstone has completed this project. In fact, this is the 3rd. The head of maintenance has this one a semi-regular maintenance schedule to ensure it looks nice and fresh year after year.

Because several of the areas were quite high, Cornerstone rented an aerial lift from a local vendor to reach those areas that might be difficult by ladder. Utilizing an aerial lift like one one we did also helps to maximize the time and efficiency of our painter as well.

The process for completing this project was to sand and re-coat the mahogany two (2) coats of a product called Mixwax Indoor/Outdoor Helmsman Spar Urethane. More on this product can be found here.



Commercial Painting: Concord Medical Office - Concord, NH


Concord Medical Office - Concord, NH

This week, Cornerstone completed a project for a local non-profit organization in Concord, New Hampshire. This particular non-profit organization is affiliated with one of our long-time customers, Concord Hospital. The non-profit reached out because areas within their building needed some re-refreshing, and after providing them a quote, in which they accepted, we scheduled the project to be completed.

The project spanned all three floors of the building. Common areas, hallways, several elevator lobbys, and the stairwells were painted. A crew of 4 painters took a total of 2 days to paint the areas that were agreed upon in the estimate. After the project was complete, the CFO of the organization said she was extremely pleased with how everything looked and would highly recommend our company to anyone she may come into contact with.



Commercial Project: Bollards at Elliot Hospital - Manchester, NH


Recently the facilities department at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH reached out to our company regarding several exterior projects that had. One of the projects in particular was re-painting fifty (50) safety bollards located along the perimeter of the Elliot main campus.

The process for re-painting these bollards was to sand each one and prime any rusted areas using a rust inhibiting metal primer. Rust No More, manufactured by Imperial, is the primer of choice for our company.

If you are interested in learning more about Rust No More you can access information here:

Once each bollard had been sanded and areas of rust taken care of we applied one (1) coat of green and one (1) coat of safety yellow of a product called Sher Cryl, which is manufactured and sold by Sherwin Williams. You can reach more about this project here:

Here are some of the after pictures of a few of the bollards we have completed:



Commercial Project: Head Start - Lowell, MA

Earlier this month, Cornerstone received a telephone call from one of the local construction companies we work for. C.E Cyr Construction,  a family owned and operated company located in Methuen, MA, was in need of an estimate for an interior project for the new Head Start location in Lowell, MA.

The project was an interior fit up and Cornerstone was tasked with painting the walls and ceilings, as well as some duct work along the ceiling. It happened to be a time sensitive project and required that our team perform the work over the weekend. 

The process we used to complete this project was standard. The new drywall (walls and ceilings) received a coat of drywall primer, then two (2) coats of a satin gloss latex paint on the walls and one (1) coat of a flat white paint on the ceilings. The duct work required a coat of latex bonding primer, and two (2) coats of a flat white latex paint.

Here are a few of the before and after pictures from the project.



Commercial Project: Saint Anselm Chimneys - Manchester, NH

In addition to providing the Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire with a team of painters for dorm re-paints and other miscellaneous small projects, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc is often contracted for larger, more unique projects throughout the year.

This morning, Cornerstone started one of these larger projects on campus. This particular project involves pressure washing and painting some (34) chimneys located on the roofs of a group of residential dormitory buildings on campus. These chimneys have lost their original color and have accumulated mold, mildew, and soot over the years. Saint Anselm would like us to restore the clean and fresh look they once had.

In order for us to gain access to the chimneys, an aerial lift owned and operated by Cornerstone is being utilized throughout the project, and procedures were implemented to ensure the safety of our painter and anyone else within the area.

The chimneys will be pressure washed over the next few days to remove mold, mildew, and any soot, which will prepare the surface for a fresh coat of paint, to be applied next week.

These pictures are from the initial pressure washing and priming stages. Stay tuned for completion pictures.



Commercial Painting - Reliable Equipment Interior - Dover, NH

Every Thursday, we take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. We call it our #ThrowbackThursday. This particular exterior project was for Reliable Equipment at their new location in Dover, NH.

Reliable Equipment is a local independently owned construction equipment rental company with their main location in Manchester, NH. In 2013, the owner of Reliable contacted our company to provide them with an estimate for an interior project. Reliable was in the process of expanding their rental company to the Dover, NH area and had acquired a building on Mast Road in Dover. 

This particular project was unique. Not your standard interior project. It was an empty cement building that was in pretty rough shape. Most of the walls inside were stained or appeared to have smoke damage. The building had been previously used as a garage for a construction company to repair The ceiling had bar joists that were rusted and in dire need of attention. In order for us to get the walls to a point where they were ready for paint, we needed to stain kill areas to prevent any bleed through. We also applied a coat of a product called "block fill" to the bare concrete walls. Block Fill is a product used to latex primer that absorbs into the pores and provides a smooth surface. Once the walls were prepped and ready, we applied two coats of a satin gloss latex paint - light gray on the top half of the walls and a dark gray to the lower half. 

For the ceilings, the process required us to apply one coat of a rust inhibiting primer, followed by one coat of a product called "Dry Fall." Dry Fall is a product when sprayed on a ceiling dries rapidly before it has a chance to settle on equipment or even floors. In order to reach the ceiling to complete this process, we were able to use our 20' scissor lift to reach the bar joists and ceilings.

In the end, the building looks much better and was ready for the next phase in it's renovation. Here are some before and after pictures from this project. What a transformation.