Recently the facilities department at Elliot Hospital in Manchester, NH reached out to our company regarding several exterior projects that had. One of the projects in particular was re-painting fifty (50) safety bollards located along the perimeter of the Elliot main campus.

The process for re-painting these bollards was to sand each one and prime any rusted areas using a rust inhibiting metal primer. Rust No More, manufactured by Imperial, is the primer of choice for our company.

If you are interested in learning more about Rust No More you can access information here:

Once each bollard had been sanded and areas of rust taken care of we applied one (1) coat of green and one (1) coat of safety yellow of a product called Sher Cryl, which is manufactured and sold by Sherwin Williams. You can reach more about this project here:

Here are some of the after pictures of a few of the bollards we have completed: