Most famously known for their men's razors, The Gillette Company, now merged with Proctor and Gamble, is a leading world-wide manufacturer in a variety of consumer products including grooming, batteries, and oral hygiene. With more than 60 manufacturing plants in 27 countries, and sales in over 200 countries, the Gillette brand has become one of the most recognizable brands in the entire world. Their headquarters is located in the south part of Boston, Massachusetts, and they also currently operate a manufacturing plant in Andover, Massachusetts. 

Cornerstone, which has worked for the Gillette Company (now P&G) for the last 13 years, has completed projects in both Andover and South Boston. Cornerstone has established relationships with countless plant employees, all of which have come to trust and respect us for the exceptional services we provide.

Most of the projects that we complete for Gillette are unique and require a special set of skill and most often, specialty products. These projects have included painting a 1 ton roof hoist on the top of one of their buildings, piping and other steel structures, magnetic walls, as well as etching and painting lines on their warehouse floors.