Cargex Properties, as described on their website, has as its sole business the development, construction and management of sort/distribution facilities and air cargo buildings for express delivery companies. Their facilies are located throughout the United States either on or in close proximity to airports and are designed to suit the requirements of those companies involved in the time sensitive delivery of documents, packages and freight.  

These facilities include:

  • Warehouse and office buildings
  • Postal Service air mail facilities
  • Sort facilities
  • Equipment maintenance buildings
  • Aircraft parking aprons
  • Cargo terminals.

For more than a decade, Cornerstone has provided our commercial painting services to Angela Sullivan, a property manager through Cargex Properties. Angela who has been with the company for many years oversees the Ammon Center (formerly the airport terminal for Manchester airport), which was renovated for commercial office use, several buildings leased by Fedex, and an air cargo center in Londonderry,

Over the years, Cornerstone has completed a variety of projects for Angela Sullivan and Cargex Properties. Projects have included office fit ups in the Ammon Center, as well as the painting the exterior of the building. Cornerstone also seal coated the exterior of their property at 10 Industrial Drive. With our most recent project being a fit up for a new commercial tenant they have in their Air Cargo building in Londonderry.

For more information on Cargex Properties, visit their website at

Cargex Properties has been doing business with Cornerstone Painting Contractors for more than 8 years. Once I met Rich Rogers and his painting professionals, I knew that the only painting company I would need was Cornerstone Painting Contractors. They interact with my tenants in a professional manner, recommend the right paint colors and finishes for our buildings when I need help and consistently meet project deadlines. They facilitate our success as a commercial property owner.
— Angela Sullivan, Cargex Properties