In addition to providing the Saint Anselm College in Manchester, New Hampshire with a team of painters for dorm re-paints and other miscellaneous small projects, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc is often contracted for larger, more unique projects throughout the year.

This morning, Cornerstone started one of these larger projects on campus. This particular project involves pressure washing and painting some (34) chimneys located on the roofs of a group of residential dormitory buildings on campus. These chimneys have lost their original color and have accumulated mold, mildew, and soot over the years. Saint Anselm would like us to restore the clean and fresh look they once had.

In order for us to gain access to the chimneys, an aerial lift owned and operated by Cornerstone is being utilized throughout the project, and procedures were implemented to ensure the safety of our painter and anyone else within the area.

The chimneys will be pressure washed over the next few days to remove mold, mildew, and any soot, which will prepare the surface for a fresh coat of paint, to be applied next week.

These pictures are from the initial pressure washing and priming stages. Stay tuned for completion pictures.