Every Thursday, we want to take a moment to look back and share with you some of the projects, large or small, that we have completed in recent years. This particular project was for Anna Jaques Hospital, a long time customer of ours located in beautiful Newburyport, Massachusetts. In the fall of 2013, the facility director for the hospital contacted us regarding their rather unique exterior project. Our president, Richard Rogers, who is no stranger to unique projects agreed to take a look. It was to prep and paint a "cupola" and skylight (pictured below), which was located on a 200 year old building.

When most people think of a painting project they think of walls and trim, something simple, but our company does so much more beyond that. We often refer to ourselves as "not your typical painting company" because of all the unique projects we have done. This cupola and skylight was definitely a unique project with several challenges for us to overcome in order to complete it.


The first challenge we faced was that there really was no easy access to the area. The best path, as you can see in this picture, was a narrow walkway, which would make access difficult. But,solving these challenges and having the right equipment is what sets us apart from other painting companies. This is JR - a 32' articulating lift that is able to work in small spaces. It's one of three lifts that Cornerstone owns. After we put down plywood to project the walk way from damage, we were able to drive it right into this narrow area, which gave us the access we needed to complete this project.

Because this project required an aerial lift and safety is important to us, an aerial lift trained operated was assigned this project, and used all the appropriate protective equipment, which included harnesses and eye protection.

Our second challenge would be to find a way to protect the slate roof surface we would be working on. The solution? Egg crate foam. Yes, it sounds kind of funny, but it worked well. We were able to lay out the egg crate foam underneath our ladder and any other areas that needed protection while we worked.

Once these challenges were met, our painter was able to start on the prep for this project. Once the prep was completed, two different kinds of primer were applied to the surface. The first coat was a galvanized primer, and the second was a grey rust inhibiting primer to protect against any future rust.

This project took a total of 3 man days to complete.

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