The Gillette Company, with a manufacturing plant located in Andover, Ma., recently upgraded their Warehouse Storage Rack system as well as reconfigured their floor pallet stacking locations. As a result, new indicator lines were needed to be installed on the floor as designation areas. Gillette contracted Cornerstone Painting Contractors, who has been working in the Andover Facility doing maintenance painting throughout the facility for the past 22 years.

The first step in this process was setting up orange cones and attaching yellow barricade tape, to secure the area from any foot or forklift traffic. This was followed by laying out the lines according to the drawings and check for squareness or irregularities that weren't picked up during the drawing process. Caulk lines were then snapped on the outside of the lines as an indicator guide. To paint the new lines on the concrete floors, the floors needed to be profiled first, in order for the paint to adhere effectively. This was done by grinding the floors. A small handheld concrete grinder attached to a HepiVac was used, enabling the floors to be ground, virtually dustless. Caulk lines were then snapped again and the paint applied. The coating used was a solvent based 2 part epoxy Safety Yellow. The lines are going to see alot of fork lift traffic, so a durable coating was required.

Because safety is of primary concern for our company and our customer, our employees utilitze the approapriate PPE (also known as Personal Protection Equipment) for this project. The PPE for the work completed at Gillette included, hard hats, safety vests, safety glasses, steel toes, ear protection and rubber gloves.