On the morning of June 3rd, Cornerstone Painting Contractors, Inc. began working on one of the most unique projects in our history - the Redstone Rocket in located in the quaint town of Warren, New Hampshire. The rocket, which is the only one publically displayed in a town square, was in dire need of a attention, and our company was contracted by the Warren Town Selectboard and the Historical Society of Warren to provide it with a fresh coat of paint. 

History of the Redstone Rocket

In 1971, a gentleman by the name of Henry "Ted" Asselin, along with several friends and a flat bed truck drove from the Redstone Arsenal located in Alavama, to its current location of Warren, NH. Asselin had asked the army if he could have the rocket, to which the Army approved on the condition that Asselin would bear all responsibility for moving it. He did, and in April of 1971 the rocket arrived in Warren after making the 1,300 mile trip north.

This particular rocket is best known as a sister rocket to the one that sent New Hampshire's native son, Alan Shepherd, into space on May 5, 1961. Shepherd was the first American astronaut to orbit in space.

Process for Restoring the Redstone

The project entailed pressure washing to remove any loose and peeling paint, mechanically grinding to ensure a smooth painting substrate surface, priming and then painting then entire rocket. It was complete in time for the town's Old Home Days in July.

Media Attention

Several media outlets including the Union Leader of Manchester, New Hampshire, Journal Opinion of Bradford, Vermont, and the Record Enterprise expressed interest in the story of the restoration and were on hand for interviews and pictures at various times throughout the process. The project is also set to be featured in an upcoming issue of Coatings Pro magazine.