One of the more frequent questions we are asked by business owners and contractors is whether we have the ability to work in occupied spaces. In short, yes. We have come to realize over years of being in the painting industry that most business owners want a fresh, new look for their facilities, but cannot afford the down time in order to achieve it. Whether you need services during normal business or off hours, Cornerstone has become a specialist in this area and can limit the hassle renovation may be to your business.

Here are a few areas in which we can help.

Low VOC Levels

Avoiding the "That smell is giving me a headache" statement from your employees is a major concern for business owners and managers when contemplating a finish change. Because most businesses can't afford for their employees to leave early or even take a day off, Cornerstone uses a variety of "green" products. Companies like Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore have developed products that have what they refer to as a "low VOC" level, which enables us to work in your space without much odor at all. We frequently use these products within office environments to enhance their look without having to sacrifice employee work time during the day.

 Off Hour Staffing

Maybe you cannot afford to have painting contractors working in your space during the day. We know businesses need their employees to be focused and simply do not want the distraction of contractors working during the day. Distraction, and even lack of space, is one of the reasons why Cornerstone offers an off hours service. Places such as hospitals, clinics, fitness clubs, and outlet stores have one thing in common: each have high traffic and painting during the day is next to impossible. Having a painting contractor come in to paint on off hours means your space is returned to normal once the shift or project is complete. Your employees will never even know we were there leaving you a beautiful new place without all the hassles of cleaning up.


Whether you are concerned about odor, or even the distraction of a renovation, Cornerstone has specialized in occupied space services for many years. Having completed many finish renovations over the last twenty five years for customers in occupied space, Cornerstone continues to have a reputation for making these types of projects hassle, and worry free.